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AzureBox is present on the Italian and international market as a company specialized in the design and consultancy for the design of the latest generation of electronic gas meters (smart meters). Thanks to the experience previously gained in Italian companies already operating in the design and production of gas smart meters, we created a structure of people and companies that places themselves on the market for providing all the necessary knowledge for the mechanical, electronic, firmware and software design of these new devices, with ultrasonic or thermomassic measurement system. This experience allows us to quickly reach the target of architecting and designing a new gas meter of last generation. Our experience and technological know-how focus in particular on the latest generation technologies, such as ultrasonic and thermomassic technologies for the metrological part and GPRS, NB-IoT, wM-Bus technologies 169/434/868 MHz, LoRa, ZigBee for the connectivity part. The consultancy and design activity is also provided in supporting the production phase and the certification phase (of the product and the production process) in EU and non-EU countries.


Mechanical Design

  • Design of gas meters with class from G1.6 to G40.
  • Design and production of the metal body with suggestions for particular materials such as the use of hot-dip galvanized sheets sealed with silicones certified for the sector, particular ceramics, high-strength adhesives for plastic and special silicones.
  • Design and production of plastic parts with suggestions of materials self-extinguishing, UV resistant, easy to glue, markable and certified for the sector.
  • Design and production of the bulkhead fitting with suggestions of material based on certified ceramics and resistant to high ambient temperatures (650 °C).
  • Design and choice of the type of gas shut-off valve.
  • Design and manufacture of equipments and tools for mass production.

Hardware Design

  • Design of the electronic board (electronic schematic and PCB).
  • Design of the LCD display according to the customer specifications.
  • Design of the connectivity part with different possible technologies (GPRS, NB-IoT, wM-Bus 169/434/868 MHz, LoRa, ZigBee).
  • Design of the radio antenna for the connectivity module.
  • Definition and implementation of the tests for the electronic board.
  • Support in the creation of prototypes, pre-series, series production.

Firmware Design

  • Design and implementation of the complete firmware of the product in accordance with the WELMEC Guide (European Legal Metrology) relating to legal metrology.
  • Separation between the legally relevant part (metrological) and the non-legally relevant part (according to the WELMEC Guide).
  • Implementation of the functions and requirements of the UNI/TS 11291 standard.
  • Implementation of the required transmission protocol (e.g. DLMS/COSEM).
  • Data security and encryption with secure storage.

Software Design

  • Design and implementation of the communication software with the gas meter via optical port.
  • Design and implementation of testing software.
  • Design and implementation of the manufacturing chain management software with interfacing to the customer ERP software (for production orders, shipments, warehouse, …) and secure storage of production data (serial numbers, encryption keys, … ).

Transmission and Connectivity

  • Evaluation and choice of the most suitable connectivity technology (GPRS, NB-IoT, wM-Bus 169/434/868 MHz, LoRa, ZigBee).
  • Evaluation and sizing of the communication battery suitable to guarantee the required life time.
  • Evaluation of the operating costs for data transmission.
  • Support in field tests of transmission and connectivity.


  • Support and design of the entire manufacturing chain.
  • Definition of the technical characteristics and choice of the calibration bench for the gas meters (e.g. with sonic nozzles or gasometric bell).
  • Definition of the technical characteristics of the climatic chamber for the test and calibration of the smart meters.
Illustration of law concept

Norms and Certification

  • Support in product certification and production process certification for the regulation provided by the organizations showed above  (in EU and non-EU countries).
  • Training on legal metrology and corresponding directives/norms (MID, OIML, EN14236, UNI/TS 11291, WELMEC, …).
  • Production of the product technical dossier and documentation to be presented to the Notified Body.

IoT Cloud platform

  • Design and implementation of a proprietary Cloud platform.
  • Integration of the gas meter in third-party Cloud platform.
  • Management of different communication protocols (e.g. DLMS/COSEM) with data encryption.
  • Secure data storage.
  • Customization of the Cloud platform user interface.
  • Support in interfacing with customer ERP and billing software.

Contact us

ADDRESS: Via Cà Nova Zampieri, 4E – 37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR) – Italy 
MAIL: smartmeters@azurebox.it

VAT ID: IT04264030232
C.F.: DFNMTT92D01E512A

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